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After reading, you will know how to distinguish between plastic and plastic

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There is only one word difference between plastic and plastic. In fact, there is no clear difference between the two. The two are like twin brothers. I have you and you have me.


Plastic is not a pure substance. It is formulated from many materials. Of which polymer(PolymerAlso called resin, there isNatural and synthetic resins2 types) are the main components of plastics. In addition, according to the characteristics of different processing behaviors, various auxiliary materials such as fillers and antistatic agents must be added to the polymer.Plasticizer, hardenerLubricant, AntioxidantStabilizers, colorants, etc.and soThe so-called plastic is actually chemicalArtificially improvedOne of the synthetic resins

Definition of plastic: refers to the high molecular weight synthetic resin as the main component, adding appropriate additives, Whose components are mainlyCarbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen and other organic or inorganic elements. With plasticity and fluidityA material that can be molded into a certain shape and maintains the same shape under certain conditions.

Although it is easy to confuse plastic with plastic literally,But can be found through the composition materialsThe main ingredient in plastics and plastics is also resinIt's just different.

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