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History of packaging material---bamboo

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Bamboo products are springing up like mushrooms all over the globe and across various industries. Of course, also the packaging industry hops on the bandwagon and packaging of all kinds is suddenly made of bamboo. That’s why the panda bear’s favourite snack is perfect for a new edition of our series "History of Packaging Materials”. 

China is one of the main sources of bamboo and even well known as the Kingdom of Bamboo. There are over 400 different species of the plant, a large part of them having their origin in China. The planting and usage of bamboo dates back as early as 7,000 years ago. During the Shang Dynasty, it was used for food, clothing, housing and even weapons. Then, bamboo was even one of the predecessors of papyrus as it was used for a long time for writing on. Bamboo has almost always played an important role in the daily life of ancient Chinese people and it’s one of the reasons, why there’s so many historical sources still available today. It enabled writing long before paper was invented.

As a packaging material, bamboo is the world’s most renewable material for many reasons, one of them being the rapid growth of the plant. It can grow up to 2 feet per day and absorbs five times more CO2 than most other trees. Bamboo packaging can reduce the carbon footprint of a company drastically. It’s strength, durability and flexibility to be shaped individually and in different sizes makes it a great packaging material.

Well, bamboo is a very friendly packaging material in today's life, and good to the earth, keep our environment clean.

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