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History of packaging material---eggshell

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Easter was not so long ago and today we want to take a closer look at eggshells in our history of packaging. When it comes to protection, nature is sometimes very inventive. Many of nature's packaging, including the eggshell, are amazing architectural or physical masterpieces. Natural packaging often serves as a model for practical things in everyday life.

The egg belongs to the very refined packaging. The chick inside the egg is protected from shocks by a kind of "safety belt". One eggshell is penetrated by about 10,000 pores. It's built up layer by layer, consisting of 90 percent lime and ensures gas exchange and simultaneous non-drying.

Besides, it must be stable on the outside, as the parents sit on the egg and not too stable so that the chick can hatch later. An egg can carry 20 times its weight without breaking.

The hardness and thickness of the eggshell depend largely on the feed and age of the hens. For example, there are green layers, which lag eggs with a light, green to a turquoise eggshell.

Eggshells are also used in the packaging industry: A few years ago researchers created packaging material out of eggshells by combining them with biodegradable plastics. This turns waste into a valuable resource.

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