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Luxury packaging firms see big opportunities in the domestic market

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Luxury packaging firms see big opportunities in the domestic market

Many international luxury packaging companies are eyeing the China market as the country is fast turning into the world's largest consumer of luxury goods.

Luxury packaging or specialty packaging helps make products look appealing and desirable, prompting consumers to spend more on such products.

This field has produced specialist firms that boast expertise in packaging a range of products - cosmetics, fragrances, tobacco, confectionery, premium alcoholic drinks, gourmet food and drinks, watches, and jewellery - to a nicety.

James Cropper Speciality Papers is one such firm. The United Kingdom-based paper processing company established its wholly owned subsidiary in Guangzhou in 2014, to tap into the Chinese packaging market, especially the high-end luxury packaging market.

Founded in 1845, James Cropper offers high-quality packaging paper to many luxury brands such as Burberry Group PLC and Alfred Dunhill. It entered China because of the growing market and huge growth potential.

To enable high-end positioning of luxury brands in the Chinese market, James Cropper offers personalized paper solutions. "Up to 50 percent of our products are exported to other countries and regions, mainly Europe and the United States, and China is our fastest-growing market," said Christine Lu, general manager of James Cropper Asia.

Currently, it produces cardboards in 40,000 types of colors, from pure white to black. Every year, it launches a new color.

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