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More Flexibility, More Options

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Nowadays, the top priority of packaging is still protecting the goods, but they way it is done is very much changing. To make packaging more sustainable, printers are opting for thinner materials and more sophisticated design. With the delivery mechanism of boxes becoming more complex and varying in retail formats, packaging production needs to also be able to be more flexible, requiring faster and more efficient machines. The boom of the e-commerce sector has proven to not only be a chance of growth for the packaging industry but also a challenge in that regard.

But it’s not only protection of goods and delivery mechanisms that are changing, the presentation of the product through clever and innovative packaging has also been stepped up quite significantly. New digital solutions have enabled substantial progress, allowing packaging designers and converters to do things that were previously impossible. And while digital may not completely replace analogue printing, it still provides the flexibility needed to work with shorter production runs, as the recent trend requires. Customization, security and traceability have never been to in demand or so easy to achieve.

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