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  • 12-07
    This is what SK Mould can do
    SK Mould is a professional mold factory, mainly for pulp molds and injection molds. Welcome to visit us, welcome to cooperate! Read More »
  • 10-23
    Why SK Mould
    If any information or RFQ, please feel free to contact us any time! We will try our best to serve you! Read More »
  • 09-15
    What SK Mould can do for you?
    SK Mould is a pulp mould factory in China, we make precision pulp moulds and fiber pulp mould, Read More »
  • 09-04
    About molded fiber pulp
    As the news said, the global sales of molded fiber pulp packaging are expected to reach 11.5 billion US dollars by 2026... With the ban of plastic using, more and more paper packagings are needed in our daily life. SK Mold team, delicates in Read More »
  • 07-23
    pulp moulding packaging's future
    In recent years, with the voice of environmental protection rising, the pulp molding industry once again ushered in new development vitality. The development of the pulp molding has shown more signs of worthy investment.With the idea of green world and better life, pulp moulded packaging becomes nec Read More »
  • 04-20
    Welcome to my website
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